RECAP: Peeing On The Parade. PENS LOSE.

Lemieux pouring some of the Mellon Arena ice, in water form, at center ice.
That was what happened at the beginning of the night.
It was touching.
When we first saw this, we thought it was the ball sweat from the stage after the Lady GaGa concert.
And then the Flyers came out.
And Mike Richards had his own ceremony.
Basically sums up the night.
Mellon, Consol, or some patch of ice in your backyard…there is one thing that will never change:  The curse of the unknown goalie.
Pens have fallen victim to the unknown goalie too many times to mention in recent years.
Sergei Bobrovsky, a.k.a. Bob-Rossi, stood on his sac in the first period and was able to keep the Flyers in the game. Penguins hit like 14 posts, too, but give credit to Bob-Rossi.  He is another in a long list of sub-par goalies to rise up and beat the Pens. Mark it down: He gives up five goals in his next game.
As for the Pens, so many things are new this year.  It is hard to really say anything bad or good.
They lost, so it feels a little more guarded.
If they had won, they would've have started engraving the Pens' names on the Cup.
As for CONSOL's official debut on television, it all looked great.   If you don't have an HDTV, though, prepare to get a headache from the camera view.  The Pens have gone to great lengths (and succeeded) to make CONSOL feel like home when you're in the arena itself, but on television, it just looks like they're playing in the frozen-foods section of a Sam's Club.  It'll come eventually.  It's still surreal.
And now that CONSOL has been christened, it's time to get to work.
At some point in the next 40 home games, someone will be getting their first CONSOL experience.
But we're ready to dig into the season.

Pre-game was stupid.  With the game on Versus we didn't get to see any player introductions until the end.
Instead we saw some fat guy singing a love song on a piano.
If that doesn't fire you up for hockey, nothing will.
This is from Fleuryous, our unofficial official photographer.
The one interesting thing about the player introductions, though, is that the Flyers came out just as Crosby was being announced.
Of course the crowd booed. Was it planned?  Doubt it.  Flyers aren't that smart.
Ellen, Tucker G., Pittsburghler,
TheRebelMonk, 1925, Fiddy14,
Jonny V., Abizz, DS, Kat Fawn D.
pitthockey, Michael M.

First up, there was a tribute to John Barbero on the JumboTron set to Fatboy Slim's "Praise You."
We weren't there, and we still got chills typing that sentence.
Stephen S. got some love.

Pens had the fresh legs in the first period.  Halfway through the period, Bylsma demotes Tangradi to the fourth line and then tries to sweep it under the rug and give vague answers when asked about it.
Even with this faux in-game demotion, Tangradi played his balls off.

And something worth pointing out: Crosby's probably still dealing with some injury, but every season-opener, we've noted that Crosby has gotten faster during the offseason.  This season?  Not the case.  Whatever that means.
Pens had tons of chances in the first minutes, but Kyle Broflovski closed the door.
Penguins really wanted that first goal, obviously.
Crosby had some two-on-one, but no.
Paul Martin hit the post as he came flying in out of nowhere.
Matt Cooke took the first penalty in CONSOL, but the Pens killed it.
After that Dupuis-Tangradi-Testy had a great shift that ended in them drawing a penalty.
First power play of the season.  Not much has changed.  Rough times.
Pens still were flying around.
Peter Laviolette called a timeout after maybe four straight icing calls. Actually was the right thing to do.
Important note of the period: Gary Bettman was in the booth when the Pens got their first powerplay.


Crosby on Top of Men portion of the recap:
No clue what is going on
Pens came out flat in the second.
They should have been up 4-1, so you wouldn't have noticed normally.
But since it was 0-0, you could see it.
Deryk Engelland takes a penalty.
Four seconds later, Flyers score to make it 1-0.
Daniel Briere scores the first goal in the history of CONSOL.
Briere then has a breakaway, but gets distracted when he sees Charlie take his shirt off.
Props to whoever propped Charlie up on the glass there.
Flyers fan on the left side. Almost pumped.
MAF was sharp in the game, and but the Pens were a mess.
After a strong penalty kill, defensive mistake city.
Blair Betts cleans up some trash.  2-0.
All you need to know about second period: Pens had a powerplay midway through.
It was good. But still could not score. Malkin on the point just seems like it will never work.

Tyler Kennedy shows up early in the third period.  2-1.

Bob-Rossi's only mistake of the night.  Great pass by Paul Martin.
[Thanks to SteelerDepot for that]
Then the Pens get a power play.  Finally CONSOL would feel like home.

But then Kris Letang turns into Josef Melichar.
Claude Giroux walks in city and poops on any comeback plans.
3-1. Giroux is sick.

Oh, but holy shit.
The Pens were still on the power play.
Michalek gets the puck at the point.  Fires it.
Goligoski was in between the circles for some reason.  Tip.  3-2.
Pens were flying.
Malkin gets semi-jobbed.  Good no-call.
Then Malkin steals a puck and gets called for hooking.  First pure-anger moment in the CONSOL.
Big PK coming up.  And the Pens kill it.   But time is against them.
With about a minute to play, Blair Betts trips GoGo.
Guaranteed Bettman high-fived someone when this happened.
Pens pull MAF and then proceed to have the worst minute of the young season.
Didn't really get a legit shot on net.  Leadership clears the zone.
mmmmm fleuryous
Some things:
— Heard some rumblings about the P.A. announcer being weird. Any scoop on that?
— Note to Penguins: Less time focusing on red carpet, more time worrying about the ice condition.   Looked horrible.
— Did Comrie play in the second and third?
— Thought Martin was fine.   So was Tangradi. Letestu had a sick backcheck somewhere.
— Someone was calling for Gonch on the post-game show.
— Random stuff coming in a post later.
— We love pics.  Readers love pics.  But we don't like waiting for 15 MB of .jpegs to download when we're flying through stuff.
Be kind to the children and downsize your pics or put them in a Flickr or Picasa slideshow and e-mail us the link. :)