How to stop worrying about Paul Martin and embrace him

At one point or another, we've all been frustrated with Paul Martin. He has had some bullshit turnovers, he has been less than stellar in his defensive zone. His offensive game hasn't been strong, and his shot is average at best.

But it is now time to move past all of this.

Back in 2006, when we started blogging, one of our main goals was to defend Sergei Gonchar at all costs. We fought many a war on the Internet for Gonch.

And now here we are in 2012, looking at another struggling offensive defenseman. We are willing to start anew with Paul Martin, and here is why…



–The last three games

Martin has been solid in the last three outings. Mainly because the Pens decided to pair him with Kris Letang.

This was a big-time move by the Pens coaching staff. Letang could make anyone look good right now, and by getting Martin some minutes with him it will only increase Martin's confidence. This is the first time these two have been paired together. The more confidence Martin gains. the better. 


–He is going to score some big goal

The Paul Martin Powerball wasn't concocted to job him. It was just about a defenseman who doesn't score much. We would have run the same contest with Rob Scuderi and/or Brooks Orpik even.

True story: sometimes a player like Martin needs some unrealistic goal to get rolling.

This goal started Gonch on the right path:

Martin has had some chances of late. Just feels like he is going to score a big goal.

–The revenge factor

Look at seeds 4-6.

There is a really, really good chance the Penguins and Devils will play in the first round. Wouldn't it be nice if Paul Martin comes back to haunt New Jersey in the first round? There is no reason to think this would happen other than the fact that we are pretty sure it will happen.


We're all in with Paul Martin. Live and die with every shift. Nothing we can do at this point.