Paul Martin is -11

Apparently not all PG articles are on that PG+ website.  Shelly Anderson busted out a piece today about Paul Martin being a -11, which is actually 4th-worst in the entire NHL.  Ouch.
There's no way around this stat.  There's no way to nitpick through a gamelog and find evidence to support the notion that Paul Martin has simply been a victim of bad luck.  He was -5 in 10 games with Michalek, and he's been a -6 in 7 games without Michalek.  If Paul Martin was a -3, no one would be talking about it.  But being in the double digits on the minus side is just too glaring of a stat.
There's really nothing else to say.  Does his -11 rating mean he's the worst defenseman in the NHL?  No.