Ovechkin demoralized


If we cared about was going on in Washington save for 4 games per season, we would have at least brushed upon this earlier than today.  For those who haven't been keeping tabs, the Caps are in full meltdown mode.  They had lost 6 of 7 before their win over Phoenix last night, which was overshadowed by Crosby's comeback.  Ovechkin's play and Bruce Boudreau have become the focal points of the Washington turmoil.  Ovechkin is facing questions every night about the Caps' problems, as well as his own non-headline-grabbing stat line thus far this season.

Boudreau and Ovechkin were asked about Crosby's return…


Double B was asked about whether Crosby's return would motivate Ovie:

"I hope that he doesn't need that. I think he's tryin' his butt off out there."

Ovie was confronted with the same question:

"Yeah. It doesn't matter; Sidney over there, somebody else over there. I have to play my game."

When asked about Crosby's 4-point night, Ovechkin was in dick mode with a sarcastic beginning to the answer then settled down:

"I didn't see the game. It's good for him, coming back from long-term injury. So it's good for him."


Meanwhile, Alex Semin had plenty of time and opportunity to see if there was "anything special there."  He was a healthy scratch on Monday night against Phoenix.

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