Our Top Five: Max Talbot

Okay, so yea we said some bad things about Max Talbot.
And don’t get us wrong, we still think he is douche. And really if he went anywhere else but to the Flyers we probably wouldn’t have been so jacked.
But today we were emailing our friends at the 700level some info on Talbot and it took us down memory lane.
They asked us for our top five Talbot memories. We also dug through the archives for our top five Talbot photoshops.
5. 4/5/07 – GW goal against the Senators:


Remember this like it was yesterday. It was like the Pens peaked too soon. Two weeks later they were basically on their way out of the playoffs.


4. Bizarre playoff goal against the canes:



What a mistake.


3. April 25, 2009 – Game 6 against the Flyers. The shhhhhhhh game




Still remember saying, ” shutup Talbot, what are you doing?!”


2. Game 5- 2008 SCF Game tying goal:


Still to date no goal has caused as many stunned pics. Still no clue why Talbot was on the ice.

1. Game 7.





5. Not sure who sent this in.



4. Adam Garcia:


3. Not sure who sent this in.

2. From Marcie W.


1. From Steve C.




man. go pens