Our Five Favorite Scenes From 24/7 Episode 1



Huge thanks to Eric P. for getting these up on YouTube.

This is one of the opening scenes, and if you had any doubt about 24/7, this answered it: 


A careful look at this vid, and you see Texas Ted is browsing his own site, “Ted's Take."  Unreal hair, too.

No one is talking about scene enough.  Does Mike Green almost cry?  If anything, you almost feel bad for him. Almost.

If it wasn't for number one, this would be our favorite. In an almost "Wall Street"-like scene, Shero is in his office talking to Bylsma about players' grades. Probably the most in-depth any of us will ever see. Shero talks about Matt Cooke and a few others. Didn’t have time to screenshot the paper Shero is looking at, but it does appear Michalek has a circled 5. This scene is even more awesome because it lets you daydream about what these meetings were like with Michel Therrien and Shero. Tension city.


No question the most candid. Craig Adams is reading some book, Orpik and Malkin playing cards. In the front is where the best action is, though. Crosby, MAF, Talbot, and bunch of others are playing PSP — not sure what game. Talbot jobs Crosby, MAF calls Talbot a douche to play on the Ovechkin comment from the summer, and tells him to suck it.

We'll have more coming. Go Pens.