Orpik > Mike Green

The NHL 11 video game comes out everywhere tonight at midnight.
Gamestops around the world will hold midnight release parties to help speed up purchases.
By know, we're sure you've seen that Jonathan Toews is gracing the front cover.
What you didn't know is that if you flip the game over, it has Brooks Orpik written all over it.
M. Night Shyamalan was able to get a copy of the game before everyone else at a "local flea market."


One of the big new features in the game is the "real-time physics," which basically means that you can run around like Billy Tibbetts and try to end your opponents' careers.
The new hitting system is based on these physics, where as last year's was based on just animations.
To properly promote this new addition, they proudly display Orpik giving Mike Green some free candy, flipping him into his own bench.
Tweet that, joke.
Nice to see the Pens getting a little bit of EA love.
If you don't have it pre-ordered by now you're probably living with your grandma.
Rookie tournament starts September 11th.
That's all, folks.