PUCK FATHER: Oh Mark, We Hardly Knew Ye


Crosby Watch!  Not really, just gave me an excuse to throw Anchorman in there…..


It's not like I hated the young man, but it just became apparent fairly quickly that Senor Letestu wasn't going to fit in the HCDB mold.  Wasn't very fast at all, wasn't very physical at all, and that dog ain't huntin' in HCDB's high-speed, low-drag offense.  Let's wish him well in Columbus, where you know he's going to get mucho minutes.


GMRS sure tried to douse the #CrosbyWatch flames tonight after the Letestu trade, didn't he?  Fact remains, though, that the Pens have roster room available for Sir Sid to return, even with Dustin Jeffrey and Steve MacIntyre retaining their roster spots even after being sent down to W-B/S.  But seriously, wouldn't you want to be a little birdie in those meetings with HCDB, GMRS, and his 137 doctors?


Speaking of #CrosbyWatch, if he indeed comes back Friday at home vs. Dallas, me and about 5,000 other Pens fans will surely go bonkers Saturday night in Raleigh vs. the Canes.  We'll be in Sect. 111, Row VV (that's a double V, by the way).  I'll be in a Penguins Hockey hoodie, my son will in the Crosby sweater and the peach fuzz goatee.


I threw this on Twitter tonight, but what the fuck, I'll put it here as well.  This never gets old,  This is the outstanding video made by @Yinzluv's (and VH1's) Jim Shearer during the Penguins/Wings Game 7 at @Foleys in NYC.


As you know, the Pens are doing their spiritual retreat male bonding team bonding exercises aht at Nemacolin for the next couple of days.  And since Minimum Talbot is no longer here, it's safe to bring along the wives and girlfriends.


Oh by the way, we're still waiting for someone to get suspended for hits on Penguins, Shanahan.  Any fucking time now, joke.


And last, but certainly not least, is our musical interlude.  No, no Van Halen this time.  But I had to throw ya the elite this time.  You see, those of my age simply know that there are all bands, and then there was Led Zeppelin.  I guess the easiest way to describe Zep is that they could play ANYTHING well.  Hard rock, blues, a little jazz, rockabilly, everything.  You name it, Zep could play it, and play it well.  They had a relatively bare stage show, but Led Zeppelin didn't need one, they were that great.  They had the greatest power drummer of all time in the late John Bonham (precision drummer goes to Rush's Neal Peart), and one of the most innovative guitarists of all time in Jimmy Page. So here's Zep with The Ocean from 1973's Madison Square Garden show which eventually became the infamous concert movie The Song Remains the Same: