Oh look, Howard Baldwin bankrupted another hockey franchise.

From Jeff Jacobs at Courant.com:

Baldwin crashed, burned and has left about 15 court cases against him in the ashes. They stem from mounting debts that, frankly, I have no idea how Whalers Sports & Entertainment is going to repay.

Jacobs column is awfully similar to this Ron Cook 2003 column, where Baldwin played the woe is me card, and made several bizarre statements. In Cook's column, Baldwin was on the defensive, same thing here:

Three different times when we spoke, Baldwin said I sounded angry with him. I'm not angry. He doesn't owe me a dime. But the way, I understand Whalers Sports & Entertainment owes at least $1.8 million in accounts payable and another $800,000 in bank loans. That's nearly 2.7 million reasons for people to look at Howard and have another name for his vision: delusion. Court documents show he's on the hook for nearly 50 grand alone to The Courant for advertising. He has hurt some little people along the way, too, and that sucks.


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Basically what happened here was the following. Baldwin was going to make a push for hockey to be back in Hartford, and it completely blew up. In 2010, Baldwin was all business:

"We're back. We're here to stay. And we're committed to bringing the Whalers name back to Connecticut."


Even better was Howard Baldwin Jr.'s quote:

"A lot of people also are saying my father made a big mistake putting me in as president," said Howard Baldwin Jr. "I put my own skin in the game [signing for potential losses]. I was more than president. I was a partner. I didn't mess it up. This failed the day [in September 2010] that lease was signed."

Awww, Howard Baldwin's son thinks his future in hockey isn't good, because his Dad has now bankrupted two franchises.

But according to Baldwin, he'll be back:

"I have no intention of getting out of hockey or abandoning this market," he said. "We have to find another way, create another plan over the next six months."

Third time is a charm, eh?

Thanks to Brian D. for the tip