NYI Invasion travel information

If you bought tickets through the Bury Gillies TiqIQ promotion, you have been sent an e-mail with information regarding ticket/hotel procedures, detailed driving directions to Long Island, as well as the time and location of a meet-up in Pittsburgh so that anyone heading to the game can all travel in a pack of cars.
This information is in this post, too, for anyone else who is heading to Long Island.
If we had a medal, we would give it to reader George K., who has supplied everyone with unrealistically detailed driving instructions on how to get from Pittsburgh to Long Island, as well as how to get from Long Island back to Pittsburgh.
These directions are available in our Google Docs.
It looks like you'll need $20 each way to plow your way through all the extortion taking place at New York toll booths.
Again, a huge thanks to George K. for these directions.
These driving directions are in your mouth, but we are still looking to form a convoy of vehicles that can take the trip together so everyone is on the same page.  Plus, each vehicle will be given red shells, green shells, and bananas for fun of the Turnpike.
MEET-UP PLACE: The Park-And-Ride in Washington, PA.
Below is a sick map on how to get there.  Just take I-79 South to the Washington fork and follow signs to Washington.  Get off of Exit 20, swing around on the bridge, and you'll see the Park-and-Ride.  If you can't find it, just look for the Wal-Mart in Washington, and the Park-and-Ride is on the hill behind it.  This location seems best, since it gives us a quick way onto I-70 headed for the Turnpike.
TIME: 7:00am Friday morning.
And we'll be leaving no later than 7:20am Friday morning.
This departure time will put us in the time window detailed by George K. that will keep us out of most of the ridiculous New York traffic.
If you are planning to be a part of this convoy, send an e-mail to Adam at tpbadam@gmail.com.
*If you live further east of this meet-up location, contact Adam at tpbadam@gmail.com so we can exchange phone numbers or something so you can just jump onto the tail end of the convoy at an exit.