Now Voting: Pens Greatest Games, Volume 2
At the Pens website, we can all vote on what games will be included on the Volume 2 DVD box set of the Pens "Greatest Games." This is why the Penguins organization always ranks high in random Forbes and Sports Illustrated franchise rankings.
So, we wanted to go through these and see what should and shouldn't make the cut.
We can vote from 11 preselected games.
Only 5 will be in the box set.
Game #1:
1991 — Game 6, Wales Conference Finals, Civic Arena
Pens beat Bruins to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals
Mike Lange's call on the DVD will take this game to another level.
This is a "Greatest Games" box set.
And this Game 6 had it all.
Game was in the Civic Arena.
Emotions were high.  Pens were one win away from SCF.
Pens went down 2-0 early.
Came back on goals by Larry Murphy and Phil Bourque.
Gordie Roberts gave the Pens the lead in the third period.
Got chills typing that sentence.  Listen to the crowd at 2:40 when he scores.  Shittttt.
Bedlam in the stands.
Mark Recchi scored late in the third with a one-legged wristshot to give the Pens the lead again.
Lemieux buries it into an empty-net from behind center-red to send the Pens to the Final.
There's a shot of Lemieux falling to his knees after it goes in, looking up to the heavens.
Chills again.
We've gotten chills twice while typing this.
So, yes, this was a great game and should make the cut.
Game #2
1992 — Game 4, Patrick Division Finals, Civic Arena
Ron Francis puts the Pens on his back against Rangers
Pens were down 2 games to 1 in the series and down by 2 goals in the third period.
Then they had to kill off a 5-minute major penalty.
As the penalty expired, and fans were going crazy, Francis bombs one past Richter.
Then Troy Loney scores to tie it.  Francis wins it in OT.
A "Greatest Game" or "Greatest Third Period"?
Game #3
1992 — Game 1, Stanley Cup Finals, Civic Arena
Pens come back from 3 goals down to win Game One
4:25 mark
Uh, this game has not one, but two of the most iconic goals in Pens history.
Not to mention it was a great game in its entirety.
It will be an abomination if this game isn't in the box set.

Game #4
1997 — Jobber game against Montreal in Montreal
Lemieux scores 4 goals in the third period in his hometown
This was during his farewell tour pretty much.
Emotions were high.
We remember him scoring one of these goals from a ridiculous angle.
Putting this on the box set would be a waste of disc space.
Because we all would just choose "3rd Period" on the DVD menu.
If you have this game on VHS, contact us.
We will get his four goals plus any and all emotional moments from the game on YouTube.
Problem solved.
Game #5
2006 — Jobber game against Montreal at Civic Arena
Crosby scores shootout goal against Theodore
No chance in Hell this makes it onto the box set, unless the Pens sneak their boner for Sid into the voting process.
What disturbs us, though, is that even the Pens' website doesn't mention that Mario Lemieux scored his last career NHL goal in this game.  This disturbs us very much.
Look at his "celebration."  He knew that was it.
Thanks for the goals.

Game #6
2008 — Inaugural Winter Classic in Buffalo
Yeah, right.  Snore.
Just go watch the shootout on YouTube.
Here you go:
This would set back mankind at least three weeks if this makes it onto the box set.
If you remember, the game itself was pretty sloppy.
Blah, blah, the pageantry, the history, blah blah blah.
Who would devote three hours of their time to ever watch this entire game again?

Game #7
2008 — Game 5, Stanley Cup Finals, in Detroit
Talbot ties it late, Sykora wins it
On the fence about this.
All of the game's biggest moments are on YouTube.
Although it'd be nice to go back and watch Fleury's performance in the OT's.

Game #8
2009 — Game 6, Eastern Quarters, in Philly
Talbot's shush sparks the comeback
This should probably make the cut.
It's a hallmark of the 2009 Cup run.
And it's against Philly.

Game #9
2009 — Game 6, SCF, Civic Arena
Facing elimination, the Pens win a 2-1 game to force Game 7
Meh.  Honestly.
As Pens fans, we were all in the thick of battle for this one.
But looking back, this game was probably boring as balls.
Can't see ourselves sitting down and watching this entire game.
Game #10
2009 — Game 7, SCF, in Detroit
Pens win the Cup
This will be on the box set, even if we have to fly to China where they'll press these DVDs.

Game #11
2010 — Last regular season game at Civic Arena
Footage will include all pre- and post-game ceremonies
If any of your heartstrings were not securely fastened, consider them tugged.
This game will make the cut.
So, to recap, here are the five that we're voting for:
1.  Game 6 against the Bruins in 1991
2.  Game 1 of the SCF against Chicago in 1992.
3.  Talbot shushes Philly.
4.  Game 7 in Detroit.
5.  Last regular-season game at Civic Arena.
For us, the final decision came down to Sykora/Talbot and the Talbot shush, with Francis' Rangers game sprinkled in.
And we simply don't want Detroit on this DVD twice.  Overkill.
Games mysteriously absent from possible choices on Pens website:
(These aren't games we would necessarily choose for the DVD, but we thought they were worth mentioning.)
– Game 4 of 2009 SCFStaal shorty, Malkin and Crosby come alive
– Game 7 against the Caps in 2009.
– Game 7 against the Devils in 1999.
– Game 6 against the Devils in 1999.
– 6-5 OT win at Detroit early in 2008-2009 season.  Staal had 8 goals.
6-5 OT win in Toronto. Staal hat trick.  Atrocious recap at that link.
Staal is everywhere.