NHL: You can sucker punch people and get away with it.


EmptyNetters nails it:

 If Malkin had been injured on the punch, the league might take action. That's its mindset, a crime can't be committed unless there's a victim who is suffering.

In 2009, Flyers forward Daniel Carcillo knocked Capitals forward Matt Bradley to the ice with a sucker punch:


The punch landed Carcillo a four-game suspesion.

While several circumstances are difference such as Carcillo's discipline history and the fact that both players weren't in a scrum, the action was the same. Player A hit Player B with a sucker punch. Bradley just happened to end up getting injured while Malkin was relatively fine.

Garage league.
That's what the NHL is. It always has been and always will be a garage league.


Totally agree. Lecajoke could have concussed Malkin. Embarrassing that there is not even a fine.