NHL is bizarre: Philly signs Wayne Simmonds for 6 years

How bizarre is the NHL?  And better yet, how bizarre is the Philadelphia Flyers franchise?


With the owners and players staring at each other across the table like Cobb and Saito, the Flyers decide to sign Wayne Simmonds to a 6-year, $24-million deal.

A couple of observations

  • Wayne Simmonds sucks balls.  He's had maybe 7 good games his entire life.
  • Got to love the Flyers, though.  They go all-in on Shea Weber, come up short, and decide to give Wayne Simmonds money.
  • We wouldn't give Wayne Simmonds money if he was our landlord.
  • People don't talk about Elton John that much anymore.
  • This contract comes at a time when all signings and player movement have come to a standstill with a possible lockout moving.  To the eternal optimist, this could be some kind of sign of some good things to come.