NHL experimenting with some rules

Apparently every summer, the NHL takes a look at the current on-ice product and how to potentially make it better.
Better, in this case, means goals, goals, goals.
Kukla's Red Wing Corner posted a press release with some of the prospective rule changes the NHL is experimenting with.  Here's a couple:
1.  Some sort of "hybrid icing rule."
Can't even begin to speculate what that means.
2.  No line change for team committing an offside.
This is just ridiculous.  The icing line-change rule was brought in so that players wouldn't simply ice the puck when they're tired in order to get off the ice.  If players are gonna intentionally commit offsides when they're tired, why don't they just dump the puck in and go for a line change?
3.  Replacing the current goalie crease with a bigger one.
4.  Wider blue lines.
Kind of like this one.  The difference wouldn't be noticed as the players are skating full-tilt down the ice.  But the extra width would help in keeping the puck in the zone/make it harder to get it out of the zone.
5.  No icing the puck while shorthanded.
6.  Marked line-change zones around the bench.
This would eliminate the gray area around "too many men"  calls.