NHL 36: Bachelorette Pens Fan Edition

Yesterday, we posted NHL 36: Bachelor Pens Fan Edition.

We have always supported women's rights, and that's why we were thrilled when @Letangueray from High Heels & Hockey decided to give everyone a bachelorette's side of the story.

7:00am — Get out of bed and boot up laptop on way out of bedroom to the bathroom. Shower, consider not shaving my legs for the playoffs since I can’t grow a beard (thank God). Grab shaving gel. It’s skirt weather.

7:15am — Brushing my teeth and start giggling spraying toothpaste on the mirror, thinking about the dream I had last season where Sidney Crosby cooked me mac and cheese.

7:20am — Pull up Tweet Deck, Facebook, NHL.com and my blog and start on my makeup at my desk.

7:45am — Still doing my makeup. 8:00 bus isn’t happening. Keep responding to tweets.

8:02am — Pull all black and yellow or gold-ish colored business clothes I have out of my closet. Stare longingly at my James Neal jersey, day dream about James Neal running his fingers through his beautiful hair for a second -remember how dirty his hair is- put it back in my closet.

8:15am — Pour coffee into a Pens travel mug and run out the door.

9:13am — Walk into work, pull NHL.com up on my laptop on the second tab of my browser for when Pens Report will be up later in the morning.

10:27am — Randomly check tweets from Emptynetters and PensInsideScoop.

11:45am — Race across the street to the gym, hoping blue eyes with the ginger beard and Pens t-shirt is there. YES! The season of guys with beards is here!!!!

1:17pm — Head to cafeteria. Ginger beard guy walks in. HE WORKS HERE? Abandon salad bar, jump into deli line behind him. Try to think of something to say about the Pens and/or his glorious beard. Keep my mouth shut before I get sent to HR.

3:58pm — Get into it with the Rangers fan department head about Malkin’s style of play.

6:21pm — Home. Change into yoga pants and Engelland shersey.

6:34-11:12pm Putz around the house, look at hockey gifs on psychotic Tumblr pages, dance around to Lil Wayne while I clean up my room before bed.


7:05am — Tweet from bed “It’s a Great Day for Hockey!!!!! #LETSGOPENS”

7:11am — Contemplate not shaving my legs (again). Remember ginger beard works with me. Shave my legs. Black Pens hoodie for while sitting at my desk will have to count as “in dress code.”

8:42am — Send all my Pens fan friends key mash texts.

10:29am — Bouncing around the office like a cheerleader on PCP. Listen to Mac Miller all morning. Fuck off, Philly. He’s ours.

12:11pm — Watching Sid’s goal against the Red Wings where Letang knocked him over on my phone on the elliptical, hoping hockey Gods will bring ginger beard by.

1:18-5:00pm — No idea what the hell is going on at work. Compulsively refreshing Pens website for updates and shopping online for gold high heels to wear to work throughout the playoffs. Watching the last minute of Game 7 2009 over and over on my phone. Wipe tears. I’ll never NOT cry.

6:14pm — Run in the door, change into the last shirt I wore for a win. Refresh it with some body spray.

7:38pm — Face-off