NHL 36: Bachelor Pens Fan Edition

The "NHL 36" series has documented what life is like for NHL players in the 36 hours before a game.  So we're gonna document what a Pens fan goes through in the 36 hours leading up to face-off.
7:38am Wake up for work.  Go into the bathroom for a morning session with your favorite mobile device.   See what's going down on Twitter, check out some blogs, some news sites, watch random playoff YouTube clips from 2009.
8:43amGet off the toilet and jump in the shower.  This can be done almost in one continuous motion.

8:53am Get out of the shower and step up to the sink to brush and floss.  While brushing, you realize your shaving gel/cream and razor have no business being on the sink ledge and put them up in the medicine cabinet.  Close the cabinet and check your beard's progress in the mirror. 


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9:00am You should be dressed and deodorized and grabbing your keys.

9:37amKnowingly nod to some person in traffic that has a Pens window cling on their back window.

10:00amArrive late to work and browse the Internet for playoff previews.

10:46amLook busy as your sixth sense picks up on your boss entering your realm.

10:48am Return to the Internet.

12:07pm Time your lunch break to coincide with the new girl's lunch break.

12:08pm-12:38pm Eat lunch and browse the Internet on a mobile device for playoff news, completely forget about the girl.

12:38pm-5:03pm Probably have to do some work and partake in awkward conversations with fringe co-workers.

5:04pm Leave work early.

6:07pm Arrive home, remove pants, and begin contemplating dinner.

6:08pm Eat cereal.

6:23pm Realize you should wash the Pens apparel you're wearing to work on Wednesday. (optional)

7:08pm-11:03pm Do stuff.

11:05pmGoogle pics of Melissa Joan Hart.

11:10pm-11:12pm Omitted.

11:15pmPass out.



7:38am Do coke and attempt to run through brick walls all day listening to Sleeping Sickness on repeat.


7:38pm Face-off.