NFL taking page out of Pens’ book
The NFL is taking a page out of the Penguins' book and setting up a large screen and/or multiple HDTVs outside the stadium in Dallas for the Super Bowl.   They will be charging $200 to stand in the "party plaza" and watch the game, and there will be concessions provided, which means these people won't escape unrealistic prices for a hot dog and beer.  Wasn't Voceilli's or Domino's selling $5 whole pizzas outside the Civic Arena during the playoffs?  Great deal. 
This is all part of a plan for Jerry Jones to set some attendance record that he can put on his tombstone.
If the Party Plaza ticket includes being one of those people near the stage during the halftime show, then this isn't a bad deal if people are really into themselves and want to look up Fergie's skirt.
The screen outside Civic Arena was glorious.  A fair amount of people would've paid something like $10 to be there.  But it would've been impossible on the Pens' part to cordon it off from jobbers sneaking in.  It would've turned into a nightmare as Wristband Police would be walking around checking out everybody's shit.
The sad part about all this is that these Super Bowl Party Plaza tickets will sell out in 3 minutes.