NEW RINKO GAME: Saturday Night Live


We are pumped to unveil our latest game. It is called RINKO Saturday Night Live. It is a live scoring game, and the rules are as follows: Pick six forwards from the teams playing on Saturday Night, sit back, and watch our live scoring track it all.

It is our simplest game game yet.  The following categories will be in play:

Forward goals: 3
Forward assists: 2
Hat trick: 2
Game winning goal: 2

You can sign up here. Buy-in is $5. Payout is as follows:

    1st place—$200
    2nd place—$100
    3rd place—$50

*All points accumulated will be added to players overall scores. If you want to see an example of our live scoring game, play tonight's free game. Tonight's game will also count towards to the overall leaderboard.