New Comments Launched


It is a beta system right now, so it is not final. But we figured it was time to get going on it. This has been six months in the works, and we believe it is the best comment system we have ever worked with.

Two major important notes: You can do your avatar on the Livefyre page. Also, make sure you turn comment notifications off. Or your email will get blasted.

Other things to remember: can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account.  We recommend you register via LiveFyre. If someone has thoughts on jobbing a username, we have a huge list of usernames and e-mails, so honestly it is not even worth trying. old comments will not be lost. system is in real-time. It may take a little time to load, but after that, all bets are off. It is scary fast. comments are now last, and new comments are now first.
We still may have an option to switch this, but we actually like it., Twitpic, tinypic, and imgur are the supported images, meaning you just copy and paste the URL into the comment box and the image shows up as a thumbnail. vids, YouTube and Vimeo work. Just paste the URL, and it works. does not work as of now.

Remember this is a beta system, so things will only be getting better.

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