Need Your Submissions For The Pensblog Calendar

Stephen S. is gathering some pics and shit together for the Pensblog Calendar.  And he needs your help.  what
Not only will the calendar feature his artwork, but we want to gather up some cool pics to put in it, as well.

This for example is what one month may look like:
Picture submissions should be no smaller than 800 x 600 @72dpi. Anything over 1268 in any direction would be preferred.
Don't know exactly what that means?  No problem.  Just send big pics in.
Send in pics of you and friends at Pens games or doing hockey shit.  Possibly naked.
If you don't have friends, then just go on Facebook and photoshop yourself into a pic.
Email them to as soon as you can. 
All the proceeds we make from the calendar will be going to an animal shelter of our choice.