UPDATED: NBC Still Hates America, But They’re Apparently Not To Blame For The Mess In Boston

Due to what's being called "logistical and safety concerns," the Bruins won't be showing tomorrow night's game on the screens at TD Garden.

EDIT: According to the Boston Herald, the game isn't being shown because "Police officials could not reach agreement with the Garden — which was going to sell $7 tickets to up to 15,000 fans — over limiting liquor sales."

Of course, we've been through this nonsense before. And those "logistical" problems are all caused by NBC.

We thought about writing up a big rant about it, but Backteching did a better job than we could ever do.

We still appreciate the rant, even though we've been told that we're "completely wrong" about this and that NBC had nothing to do with it:

After watching two and a half years of playoff runs on the big screen at the Civic Arena, I can say with confidence that there were thousands of fans who were either new Penguin/hockey fans or casuals who had their loyalty to the team and game strengthened by that community experience. The crowd was young and old, but mostly young. They weren’t the typical attendees to games, they weren’t season ticket holders. They were fans that loved hockey, and loved sharing the experience with other fans. They had a blast. And they came back. In droves. Their love for the game was enhanced by the community experience they had at those giant lawn parties.

Is that worth 1/10th of a rating point? NBC? Mr. Bettman?

The irony in all of this is that NBC cut away to a live shot of a large crowd in Vancouver watching the CBC feed of the game. I almost choked when I saw it. Twitter lit up from Pittsburgh fans calling them on it. As if their credibility wasn’t already in the sewer, that shot threw a couple more inches of sludge on top of it.

A lot of things change in this world, but the one constant is that NBC sucks.

The fact that this is being canceled because of some argument over liquor sales seems even more ridiculous somehow.

Go Hockey.