More On Martin and Z

Just in case you haven't read enough about Paul (Bearer) Martin and Big Z, we have some clips and some interviews conducted yesterday by the 93.7 THE FAN.

Big ups to 93.7 THE FAN and late-night radio host Greg Giannotti for having two really good interviews about Martin and Z.

On Martin, Giannotti had on Devils TV analyst Chico Resch.




Next up was an excellent interview with Coyotes TV analyst Tyson Nash, who was at Jarome Iginla's house for some reason.

Now for some bloggers' takes. [Thanks to Syniper for gathering these]…

"Z was languishing in the Wild’s farm system, unnoticed and unused. The Yotes went after him and gave him a chance to play in the NHL. Every year better opportunities and more TOI and more responsibilities. They polished and nurtured and trained and trusted him with a leadership role. Yes he’s earned a sizable raise and yes he has returned their efforts 10 fold"

Commentor: the Alt Capt of the Coyotes. Z was a good leader, tremendous player and the coyotes and fans will def miss his on ice performance as well as off ice.

On Paul Martin…


"Devils needed to upgrade their puck-moving skill on the blue line and Volchenkov is not a puck-mover. Tallinder is, but he’s a downgrade in that area from Paul Martin. (Tallinder does have more size, though). I think a lot of people underestimate how good a player Paul Martin is and they’re going to see that in Pittsburgh."

"I know on the surface he doesn't seem special, but he truly was the most effective defenseman on the market this summer based on the last two seasons.  When Martin stepped on the ice for New Jersey, the Devils were better in numerous categories – especially shots against"

Really exciting stuff, especially on Martin.
We're ready for the Paul Bearer era.
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Go Pens.