Minnesota Wild Season Preview


The Wild finished 13th in the West last season, but they were only 11 points out of a playoff spot.
A couple wins here or there, and they were a playoff team.
And, like the Oilers, they had to deal with injuries.
They lost 300 man-games or something.
Guaranteed: You can't name 3 defensemen on the Wild.
You may not even be able to name 2.
The Wild may be a sneaky team this year.
Our theme for these season previews involves connecting teams to a 1990s sitcom/drama/series.
The opening theme is on YouTube, but embedding was disabled.
Really underrated show. Craig T. Nelson acted his balls off.
Coaching is what it's all about in Minny.
After Jacques Lemaire left, the Wild were still playing defensive hockey.
Even though their new coach wanted more of a speed-type game.
That new coach?  Todd Richards, formerly of Wilkes-Barre, has a year under his belt.
Mikko Koivu is a big deal. And he is not as big a douche as his brother.
The straw that stirs the drink in the land of bridge collaspes is Martin Havlat.
One of our favorite players, Havlat has been garbage.
Minnesota also has Cal Clusterbuck, a.k.a. the dude Gonch destroyed last year.
In net is the other Niklas Backstrom. Dude is pretty decent.
West is good, not sure if the Wild can make the playoffs.