Mike Peluso sucks

Nick L. tipped us off to this link from that Canoe site in Canada.  Mike Peluso is a former NHL enforcer.  He enforced stuff.

“If all we could do was fight, we wouldn’t be in the league. If I had a choice of being a 30-goal scorer every year or a tough guy, I’d pick tough guy. To ban fighting would be stupid. I liked to fight. I got pissed off getting beat on the scoreboard. If we’re not winning or trying, at least let’s kick the s— out of them.”
He was asked about all the concussion/enforcer chatter and jobbed Crosby:

“We never turned our back going to the boards, we always kept our head up. We were taught that from a young age. Lots of injuries are a direct result of not being smart to realize what’s coming.

“Sidney Crosby. You spend $10 million on a first-round draft pick. The Penguins are trying to protect their investment. But do you go outside the rules? You might as well take all hitting out of the game. Keep your damn head up. I was sick of hearing Sidney Crosby, Sidney Crosby."

“We don’t have the captains we had. Today’s captains don’t know about fighting and its value. We had captains like Scott Stevens, Chris Chelios, Doug Wilson — guys who could fight themselves, who made you feel appreciated. The moment you don’t feel appreciated in your role, you get down on yourself. It’s the lack of appreciation that causes depression."

In relation to this story, we asked the T. Rex from Jurassic Park about his being a dinosaur, as well.

"It's tough, man.  They brought me onto that island to do a job: eat the lawyer, break Jeff Goldblum's leg, and then save the humans in the lobby of that building.  Afterward, they acted like I didn't exist.  Like I was extinct. They brought in some younger T. Rexes for that second film, and they basically had that Spinosaurus or whatever pee on a T. Rex in the third film.  I went through a bout of depression after being snubbed on the second film.  I was wandering the streets of my home town, became the mayor of the local tavern, and went home to an empty house and an empty fridge.  But I'm a realtor now. Things are looking up."