Mike Milbury all-in with Philly

Been away all day.  Come back to the Internet to find some pretty juicy shit.
NBC analyst Mike Milbury aligned himself with the Flyers heading into the playoffs while appearing on some Philly radio station:

Milbury's comments on Crosby: “Little goody two shoes [Crosby] goes into the corner and gives a shot to Schenn. Schenn was late to the party, he should have turned around and drilled him right away, but I guess better late than never,” Milbury said. “So you know, Crosby gets cross-checked, big whoop. He said after he came back from his 35th concussion, ‘I’m not going to do this anymore, I’m not going to get into this scrums, I’m going to stay away from that stuff.’ He couldn’t help himself because there’s a little punk in Crosby. He’s not the perfect gentleman. He’s not the sweet kid you see in interviews with his hat pulled down over his eyes. I’d say screw him, hit him,” he said.

Milbury's comments about Coach Bylsma and the 3rd period argument with Flyers coach Peter Laviolette: “It’s not totally uncommon,” Milbury said of Laviolette’s behavior at the end of the game. “I can remember being on such a perch, or at least trying to climb over the boards to get at somebody to make a point. And I thought Dan Bylsma should have taken off his skirt and gone over there,” he said. (via KISS)

Milbury probably beat up some kid and moved to Bel-Air after the interview.