Mike Comrie Returns Tonight

According to the Penguins website, Mike Comrie will play tonight.
(You have no idea how badly we've wanted to post that .gif again.)
Hilary Duff jokes aside, we're actually looking forward to Comrie's return.  We had high hopes for him when he signed with the team and he had an excellent preseason.  Hopefully it was his injury that slowed him down at the beginning of the year.
It's great to see some players finally returning from injury.  The bad news is that there's no update on Jeffrey and Comrie will take his place in the line-up.  That likely means he'll line up alongside Kovalev and Neal.  They could either click well together, or we'll have to start calling this the "disappointing acquisitions" line (or something much wittier.)
Either way, go Pens.