Mike Commodore to the Lightning, Gilbert traded for Schultz, Stuart to Rangers Rumor

The Detroit Red Wings have traded Mike Commodore to the Tampa Bay Lightning for a conditional seventh-round pick. This is the kind of groundbreaking stuff that makes the non-stop coverage we're seeing today worth it. Commodore has played 17 games for the Wings and he has two assists. The word "blockbuster" is thrown around a lot these days but… nevermind.

It looks a bit like Steve Yzerman may be doing a bit of a favor for the Red Wings here. It doesn't really make sense why the Lightning would be taking on players unless Detroit has something else in the works and they need to open up roster space.

Or maybe nothing else is going to happen. We have no idea. Commodore spoke with Sportsnet just after the trade and he said that he wanted the opportunity to play, so that could be the reason for this deal. The trade gives Commodore an opportunity to play.

About two hours left. This could end with a wimper

EDIT: The Edmonton Oilers have traded Tom Gilbert to the Minnesota Wild for Nick Schultz.

EDIT 2: The Red Wings may have sent Brad Stuart to the New York Rangers for draft picks… if this is true then it really looks like Detroit is up to something…

Or maybe not. Nevermind. This has been shot down.