Mike Colligan 1, Internet 0

Props to Mike Colligan at the Hockey Writers for scooping North America on Thursday, Dec. 8.  With some help from @Allie874 on Twitter, Colligan got the Krejci-Crosby elbow video out into the world before anyone was really talking about it.  In fact, most if not all media members (and fans) just assumed that it was the Kunitz collision that sidelined The Count and didn't look into it any further.  But Mike Colligan rolled up his sleeves and went searching for more.


Before you knew it, the video was making the rounds online and a high-def version of the Sid iso cam was soon on NHL Network and a Root Sports Pens broadcast.  And then this became confirmed news recently when Crosby hinted at the Krejci elbow being the cause for his setback.
All because Mike Colligan cares.