Michalek and Ovechkin both to have hearings today

Per NHL.com:

Ovechkin, who scored in the loss, is being asked to discuss his hit on Michalek at 4:05 into the second period. The Caps' forward appeared to have left his feet and made contact with Michalek's head as he hit the Pens' defenseman in the corner behind Pittsburgh's net. Ovechkin's hearing is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Less than five minutes after Ovechkin's hit, Michalek — who played more than 21 minutes Sunday — received a minor elbowing penalty after making contact with Washington's Matt Hendricks behind the Penguins' net. Hendricks was able to get up and continue playing.

Michalek owned up to his elbow telling the Trib:

"It was a good call," Michalek said. "I elbowed the guy. I just told the ref that if he's going to make the call on me, he should make it on (Ovechkin), too."

The hit was questionable:

To our knowledge, Michalek does not have a record. Hoping for a fine. But who knows.


 Ovechkin didn't say anything about his hit, but it was dirty:

No clue how a penalty wasn't called. A.O. should be suspended at least three games for this hit in our opinion. But like we said, we'll see.