Michalek and Letang update, other stuff

Gotta love it when media members get all jammed up when the Penguins don't disclose injuries.
@Allie874 did some detective work and went through the Montreal game film.  This was the only notable incident she found Michalek being involved in.  May have more to do with Michalek tweaking that broken hand than anything involving a concussion.
Here's the deal. Eller hit Z at the 12:02 mark of the 3rd. He got an interference minor for it (good call). But, Z takes seemingly regular shifts until there's about 5 mins left in the 3rd. Then, he leaves and doesn't come back to the game.

I watched every shift Z took in the 3rd and half way through the second and I don't even think he got hit by anyone but Eller in that time. This was the most contact he took *by far* in that time.
But, to me, this wasn't much of hit. It's shoulder to shoulder and Z slides into the boards relatively safely (at least his head did). Maybe it's a case of whiplash but I'm not seeing where his head was knocked around violently either. — @Allie874

That Montreal game refuses to die. From The Globe and Mail, Pacioretty is whining about his suspension:
"If you looked at the situation, me and Letang made eye contact, and I think that's what gave me the green light to try and hit him. I felt he put himself in a vulnerable position, maybe I shouldn't have even thought about hitting him because of the way the wind is blowing right with head shots, but I'd like to see a little bit of consistency.  If the onus is on the hitter every single time I'd be fine with a suspension, but you've seen instances where they've placed the onus on the person receiving the hit as well so I'm confused and a lot of other players are confused right now.”
The Dale Hunter era in Washington began with their only goal coming after Ovi was offsides entering the zone:
Back in 1993, Dale Hunter earned himself a lengthy NHL suspension for this hit on Pierre Turgeon.  Now Turgeon is wishing him all the best in Washington. [ PHT ]