MEDIA FEUD: Mack Lowers The Boom On Smizik

We're big fans of Chris Mack for several reasons.
The number-one reason is he shares with us the same hate for Bob Smizik.
Mack, who basically found out he was losing his job from Smizik (Jesus), struck back at Smizik in a blog post today. [ The Chris Mack blog]

Good thing Bozo the Blogger – who takes 'credibility' to be the 1st commandment – reports when his P-G brethren sign on-air deals, but not when those who call him on what a joke he is sign deals.

To sum it up. Smizik knew Mack and others at 1250 were getting fired, but instead of keeping it quiet until they could find out, he broke the news. And then when Mack got hired by the Fan Clear Channel, Smizik instead reports on his boy Ed Bouchette.
Could you imagine if this happened to you?
We wish Mack well and hope he blasts Smizik on the air.
Pittsburgh needs some good media feuds.