Mayor McCheese Refutes Tibbetts Cheeseburger Story
Mayor McCheese refuted claims late last night that stated he was involved in a dispute between Mario Lemieux and Billy Tibbetts on the Penguins team bus back in 2001.
McCheese, who has maintained his innocence since that 2001 incident, reached out to Marty the Chicken last night.

"I just want to clear the air," McCheese said.

"I was never involved in that shit."

McCheese, who is currently jailed at Rikers Island on unrelated charges, plans to sue "someone," he said, when he gets out of jail in 2015.
An anonymous tipster sent us a picture that appears to place McCheese on the bus:
When reached for comment, prison officials at Rikers Island said that McCheese has been remanded to the psych ward after threats to eat himself.