Max Talbot Compares Claude Giroux To Sidney Crosby

"Max Talbot says Claude Giroux is just as good as Sidney Crosby" is the headline of this piece at Pro Hockey Talk. Unsurprisingly, Max Talbot has opened his mouth again to draw attention to himself. It's conveniently while HBO is filming for 24/7. We're just as shocked as you are that Talbot would try to get his name in the spotlight.

Talbot told that Giroux has "been the best in the league since the beginning of the year."

"The way they battle and play with passion is something I can see in their eyes," Talbot said. "They definitely have the [same] intensity. Defensively, they battle."

Of course, Talbot didn't actually say the words "Claude Giroux is just as good as Sidney Crosby," but we all get the point.

This isn't the first praise Claude Giroux has received from a former Penguin-turned Flyer. Earlier in the year Jaromir Jagr called Giroux "a little Mario Lemieux."

The Penguins and Flyers meet tomorrow night. How convenient…