Mark Madden goes off on Penguins, Crosby

We've had our own personal battle with Madden. It is well documented. But regardless of that Madden is still center ice in this town when it comes to situations like these.

Last night, Madden, at Dan Bylsma's postgame press conference asked Bylsma flat out about Sid. Bylsma's answer was shaky at best.

And today on his radio show Madden laid the Penguins and Crosby out.

To be fair, and we are 110% with him on this, he started of by saying he loves the Penguins, but he hates what is going on right now.


A quick paraphrase of what else he said:

  • The Penguins need to answer two things. 1.) Is Crosby cleared. 2.) What were the results of his latest test.
  • He said the feel in the locker room is that Crosby should be playing.
  • He basically said, in no uncertain terms, that the Penguins are bigger than Sidney Crosby, and that is not how it looks.
  • He called on any member of the Pens organization or "Crosby's" team to answer the question.
  • It wasn't a personal attack on Crosby, he said Sid's a good guy, just thinks Crosby isn't playing because he doesn't feel right.


What Madden said needed to be said. This should be interesting.

Interesting radio right now. Link is here.