Mark Madden and Will DePaoli have a very public breakup
Mark Madden of the X and Will DePaoli of the site "Things Mark Madden and Tim Benz tell me about Pittsburgh sports" a.k.a. "The Pittsburgh Sports iInsider," had a nasty public break-up yesterday afternoon.
According to various reports, on his radio show, Madden bashed an article on the Internet yesterday that speculated Crosby will be out for awhile. He never mentioned DePaoli, for whose site he writes, by name.
However, when Will DePaoli got word of it, he took down all of Mark Madden's columns and apparently cut ties with him.
Madden responded in the comment sections:


The X doesn't seem to archive Madden's show, so it is not clear what Madden said.

DePaoli was reached for comment and did not respond. We assume he was making up some story instead.