March 25th Is An Interesting Date For Marc-Andre Fleury

If Marc-Andre Fleury plays tonight, there is a good chance he'll pitch a shutout. March 25, 2007 MAF shutout the Bruins:

Our recap:

The big #3 returns — to no pomp and circumstance from NBC.
NBC is garbage except for Heroes. year later, March 25, 2008 against the Devils, shutout.

From our cap:

All we could ask for is a shot at the playoffs.
And now we're in.

After the dark ages, we'll never take that for granted again.
It's good to be back. 25, 2009, against the Flames….shutout city
Our cap:
And with all fairness, Hal Gill should be the talk of this town.

He played on the more inspired games we've see from a defense-man in a long time.
All the while he may have started something.
At some point during the game, we were listening to the X, Errey and Steigy reported that Gill had a Snuggie on in the locker room yesterday.
KISS FM , also know for their love of Snuggie's, confirms Gill did have a Snuggie on, as he told FSN's Dan Potash after the game.
Last year, like most things, the Caps ruined everything and scored on MAF. But three straight years of shutouts on the same day is so strange.
UPDATE: Wrong about that. Caps game was on the 24th.
If you are a gambling man or woman there probably is a prop bet available. If someone runs across one, let us know. Might be worth a $20 bet.
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