Marc-Andre Fleury Has His Own Cereal

Ever wanted to look at the face of an All-Star, Stanley Cup-winning goaltender first thing in the morning?
Well now you can!

FLEURY FLAKES is a frosted corn flakes cereal packaged in a 14 oz. limited edition collector’s box (pictured above). The cereal is available exclusively at Pittsburgh-area Giant Eagle locations. Fans outside of Pittsburgh can order their boxes online at

In addition to the cereal, Marc-Andre has also come out with his own officially licensed t-shirt. Marc-Andre’s “A Winter’s Fleury” t-shirts are featured on the back of the cereal box and are available for purchase at t

We wonder if it tastes like a brick wall.  We can just picture goalies around the league eating this, hoping to be more like MAF.  DiPietro's just happy it's not called "JOHNSON FISTS."  There's no doubt in our minds that this is much better than the Ryan Miller cereal we posted a while ago.
Go Pens.