Magic Number is 3
The Pens have wiped out every other team currently out of the playoffs except for Carolina.
Toronto and Atlanta can only get to 92 points, and the Pens have eclipsed that. And that leaves Carolina, who can still manage to get 96 points if they win out.
We wanted to move this down to 2 points for the magic number, but since Carolina could still theoretically wind up with more *wins than the Pens, Pens would lose that tiebreaker.
So we are now down to 3.
Carolina plays in Tampa tonight.
Two scenarios for tonight:
-A Pens win and a Carolina loss of any kind means the Pens are in.
-A Pens OT/Shootout loss and a Carolina regulation loss means the Pens are in.
* Carolina currently holds the win tiebreaker if they win out because the first tiebreaker is non-shootout wins, and Carolina could still reach 39 of those compared to the Pens' current total of 36.