Madden, Tribune Review continue less than honest practice

Start a rumor on the radio, report it in the newspaper, and then wash your hands of it.

Rinse and repeat.

Here is what we are talking about. We got this tweet today:

Just ignore the ESPN part, the story links to a story on SBnation.

The story says this:


Notice the "lasting at least seven years," link. It takes you to this article in the Trib.

In that article there is no mention of anything regarding a Crosby and long term deal?


We called out SBN because we know a ton of writers over there and it seemed odd one of their editors would have missed this.

And that is when things got interesting.

It turns out the Trib took out an entire paragraph, and just expected everyone not to notice. The Internet never forgives.

The story was reported on many different sites, none bigger than Puck Daddy who quoted it:


And oh, this even proves it further:

And even more damning, here is the cached version, and stunningly, look a whole missing paragraph:


So to recap, a newspaper printed something, let the Internet spread it, and erased it without changing anything.

Wow. Not much more to say then that.

Thanks to @seangentille @Sean_Leahy @TravisSBN and @_beneze_  for helping us put the pieces together.