Local man buys NHL11, forgets to pay electric bill

Local man Joe Weir switched on the lamp on the end table near his front door as he slipped on his sandals and fumbled with his keys.  It was 11:45pm, and he was about make the 12-minute drive to the GameStop in Robinson Township to get his copy of NHL11 at the midnight release.
When he returned to his neighborhood, he noticed his house was pitch-black.
Weir recalls, "I thought, those light bulbs I just bought are bullshit."
But as it turns out, the husband and father of two had forgotten to pay the electric bill.  "No, I didn't forget, " he said.  "It was either buy NHL or pay the electric bill.  I rolled the dice, hoping Allegheny Power was gonna be late on their service deactivation.  Huge mistake."
The irony of the situation was not lost on Mr. Weir.
"I get paid Friday, though," he said, idle copy of NHL11 in hand.
Little solace could be found from his wife, Samantha, who was already packing a bag, set to take their two kids to her mother's for the night.  "I saw this coming," Samantha said.  "This happened last year, too."