LINK CITY: Nickelback, Stanley Cup stunned, Super Genius

Links that hate Wayne Gretzky.

Probably the best story on the Internet right now.  Two music critics from the Winnipeg Free Press are pleading with the NHL to not let Nickelback, who are from Canada, perform at the free concert that will christen the new era of Jets hockey.   Their letter to the NHL is outstanding.

More links, including Mark Madden's Guilty Pleasures…  Here's some over-the-top Crosby article.  So, Michael Ryder of the Bruins took the Cup to his hometown, and it fell off a table.  Hopefully all that comes out of this is that we aren't subjected to another season of that "Customer Service, This Is Peggy" credit-card commercial with the Stanley Cup protector.


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nooooooooooooo  Shifting to Flyers mode, VanJoke signed a 6-year extension.  And the Flyers are set to soar this season.  The Kings are peacing out purple from their unis.  The Coyotes and Flames swapped Daymond Langkow and Lee Stempniak, which basically has zero effect on 99% of people reading this.  Steven Stamkos is ranked Number One on a NHL Fantasy ranking.  Geno is fourth.  Mark Madden contributed to Puck Daddy's Guilty Pleasures feature. Glad to know he hates Wayne Gretzky, too.  In case you missed it, here's ours that was posted over there while the blog was down.  @All_Habs on Twitter posted this promotional poster that the Habs will be using:

Not sure what to say.  @Penguins23 found this.  Chad Pennington Winnipeg Jets jersey.  For anyone who doesn't get it, Chad Pennington used to be the quarterback for the New York Jets.  It's obviously a Dale Hawerchuk jersey., finally, this happened last week, but there was something odd mentioned in the article.  The founder of Geno's Steaks in Philly died.  He gained notoriety by posting signs in the place that said people could only order in English.  And then this tidbit appeared in the article:

"Vento said he never refused service to anyone because he or she couldn't speak English, but critics argued that the signs discouraged customers of certain backgrounds from eating at the shop."

How could a sign written in English discourage them? what read of the day: Roman Colosseum