LiveFyre Comments Updated, Some tips


Livefyre launched their public beta this morning. There are many things different. They rebuilt a large part of it because of cblog, which is so awesome.

Some real quick tips:

1. Don't be a little bitch. The comments are going to have bugs, but they want us to help them. Livefyre's support is in your mouth so don't be scared to ask some questions.

2. Clear your cache. If you don't know how to clear your cache, throw your computer away.

3. Points will be back. If you click your profile you can see them.

4. There seemed to be some issues with this next one. To turn email notifications off selected your profile, and then settings.


Just hit "never," then update.

All we can do is keep testing. For more reference LF has a good help section as well.


Go Pens.