LINK CITY: The Shanabans, Crosby To IR, Parking Lots, Gif

Over the weekend, someone launched the Internet's best new website. [ The Shanabans

The site tracks all players who have been suspended by Brendan Shanahan. Talk about capitalizing. man.

ALSO: Crosby to IR, first call to arms of the season…


Other than the cuts, the only other news today was Crosby is going to start the season on IR. [ ProHockeyTalk ]

We know Crosby is traveling with the Penguins to Vancouver, but his progress is improving so much that the lack of LTIR designation hints that Crosby could be ready to go within a month. As we’ve seen all throughout Crosby’s progress in coming back from his concussion, the Penguins have treated him very carefully in making sure he’s 100% clear of symptoms before getting back to full-contact action in practice and for games.


Saying Crosby comes back Dec. 1st.

First call to arms of the season.

We're looking for parking-lot info around CONSOL.
E-mail us locations, prices, whatev.

We're looking to build a database of parking lots and pricing around CEC.  So send something along.

GIF of the day:

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