LINK CITY: Shanny’s Court…

Everyone is in love with this new format for how Brendan Shanahan is suspending players.   We think it is bizarre.  We love the transparency of it, obviously, but transparency doesn't really matter when you're actually making sound decisions.  Shanahan has backed himself into a corner with these videos.  We can't wait for it to all come crashing down like that time when all of Bayside found out Jessie's middle name was Myrtle.
For example, take the latest guest on Shanny's Court, Brad Boyes:

At the end Shanny says this: "Going forward, Brad Boyes will now be a repeat offender."  This format should be used nationwide.  Any time some big-time pedophile makes a move, a district judge should make a YouTube video outlining the case.  Pedophiles basically wouldn't exist anymore. 

ALSO: Countdown, Crosby scrimmaging, Super Genius…

On Sunday, Crosby took part in what's being called a "controlled scrimmage."  Here's the vid.

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