LINK CITY: Bananas, CONSOL ads… act in London, Ontario, Thursday night.  While Wayne Simmonds was taking his turn in a shootout, a fan threw a banana peel on the ice.  Here's a quick rundown of all the information pertaining to the incident.  Turns out the "fan" actually threw another banana peel earlier in the game, but it didn't reach the ice. Hradek and Dan Rosen both picked the Pens to take the Eastern Conference this year.  And they both say Crosby is close to returning. [ Video ]
ALSO: New ads at CONSOL, a Dustin Jeffrey sign…

So, here are the new ads littering the CONSOL walkways:
Dustin Penis Jeffrey.  Like it.
is a great follow on Twitter.  He spotted this fail. Royal Half gives the Internet this.  A fan air-guitaring his prosthetic leg. found this analysis of Paul Bissonette's Twitter activities. [ Sports Grid ]