LINK CITY: Never thought this day would come

Links that are tired of hacking their way through Crosby fluff in order to get to actual informative content. marks the official start of training camp, which means we may get to see how fat Matt Riskanen got over the summer.  The Pens website has a solid breakdown of all the storylines. [ PENS ], per random tweets from people listening to a Disco interview Friday morning, Crosby will be on the ice with the team in a no-contact role. Kovacevic kicks the tires on his first season covering the Pens for the Trib.  He comes out guns blazing, saying Jordan Staal would be his pick to wear the "C" if for whatever reason Crosby relinquishes it.  He also gave a hat tip to Orpik in the column, but it was the shortest paragraph of all time.  Regardless, Dejan is on our no-job list until he starts chirping Malkin in articles toward the end of October. what it's worth, The Ron Cook said he's on Team Orpik.
Definitely a solid read. [ PG ]
ALSO: CBC storylines, Teemu's back… CBC has 10 storylines going into training camps.   Yes, Crosby is one of them. [ CBC ]
HBO is already filming 24/7.  Damn.  [ The Blueshirts Blog ]
Puck Daddy has the scoop on the drama unfolding in LA concerning Drew Doughty.  [ Puck Daddy ]
One more year for Teemu Selanne.  $4mill. [ ESPN ]
Sabres signed Tyler Myers to a long-term contract because he's tall. [ Buffalo News ]


Jesus Christ, Rob Ray.
Go Pens

LINK CITY: Lemieux and Crosby on the ice again, Destiny

A collection of links that won't travel to Asia like Luke Ravestahl.

Shattuck-St. Mary's School girls' hockey team is probably way better than your kid's hockey team.
Actually they could probably take the Oilers to seven games.
Crosby's sister and 66's daughter are now teammates there. [ ESPN ]

"I actually shot on her this summer for the first time," said Sidney. "We had never done that before. She's good, she's really good. I wasn't afraid to let a couple go and she stood in there pretty good. It was a lot of fun."

We're left wondering if it's appropriate to make a "That's what he said" joke in this situation.
But we just did.
Props to @carolineanne for the tip.
Stephen e-mailed this into us.
This slogan appears on a preseason ticket.
Interesting. Only a few more weeks until Bob Errey: Too lazy to follow up and read the story.
But it seems like the Capitals are getting shit upon by Eric Belanger. [ Puck Daddy ] [ PHT ]
The PHT in the link above is ProHockeyTalk.
For those familiar with the NBC blogs, PHT is Pro Football Talk's brother.
Since February of this year, they've silently been dominating.
Look at their archives:
That's a lot of posts. They've become a daily stop for us. There are some great slogans for the upcoming season over at this post.
They're flying into G-Mail, too.


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Wikipedia read of the day: déjà vu

Wikipedia read of the day: déjà vu