LINK CITY: Torts, Crosby, Burkle, Santa…

We would take John Tortorella as a head coach every day of the week.  Forget last year's 24/7.  Tortorella's presence in this year's 24/7 is going to win an Emmy. Here's the Thornton-Tortorella saga in 65 seconds:

-Jordan Staal and Kris Letang are headed to California with the team. [ Trib ]
-Dejan gives everyone a look at Sidney Crosby.  Good read, as far as Crosby quotes go. [ Trib ]
-The Flyers aren't happy about the proposed realignment, either. [ Trib ]
READ MORE: Ron Burkle, an amazing watch, Santa Claus…
-Ron Burkle made PHT's list of the ten billionaire owners in the NHL. [ PHT ]
Little-known fact at Burkle's Wiki page:  He invested $100mill in Puff Daddy's clothing line.
-Good read on Brooks Orpik. [ Everything Pittsburgh ]
-Check out this watch found on eBay. The thing even plays the national anthem at game time.  $99.95.  There's probably an app for this.
-Bruce Boudreau benched Ovechkin with the Caps' goalie pulled, needing a goal.  The Caps got it.  Now everyone is going crazy.  [ WaPo ]
-Some dude dressed as Santa Claus terrorizing Donora. [ Freak Show ]

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