LINK CITY: #thesidecision, Lovejoy, call to arms, Charlie goes to Decadence

Links that are waiting for #thesidecision.
The hockey world awaits the Sidney Crosby Press Conference. According to this tweet from Root Sports, they will cover the press conference live.  The Pens website will be streaming the conference, as well as every station in Canada.
Crosby is rumored to be making nothing more than just a basic statement. [ Trib ]
And we enjoy completely overblowing the buildup to this.
Our money is on him saying he doesn’t know when he is coming back.
Speaking of money, we have laid the odds on the following things:
3:1 He wears a Reebok polo shirt.
5:1 He wears a hat.
15:1 He cries.
25:1 Troy Crosby sits next to him.
65:1  He says he is fine.
125:1 He throws up on Rob Rossi.
ALSO: Charlie in New Orleans, GIF, and lots of crap….  Seth has a GREAT interview with Ben Lovejoy. [ Empty Netters ]  The Pens released their promotional giveaway schedule.  It's pretty intense. [ Pens ]
They're two years away from giving away babies.  Speaking of penguins, a feel-good story took place recently where some displaced penguin was rescued by some boat and then released back into the wild.   There's video at the link.  This website doesn't allow us to embed the video, because they're still in 2007.  They have a babe for an anchor, though. [ TVNZ ]
  The Jets unveiled their jerseys on Tuesday.  Here's the clip.  All that's missing is that epic song from Top Gun.  Also north of the border, Quebec is getting closer to securing funds to build an NHL-ready arena.
The city of Vancouver has blamed the NHL for the riots that took place following Game 7.  In their statement, they mentioned that 4 of the last 5 Stanley Cup Finals involved riots, which would mean there was a riot in 2009 when the Pens won.  And we're guessing they're referring to the friendly happenings on Carson Street?
Speaking of which, we have a mini call to arms.
There is a photo from this Game7 celebratory set of Hacksaw-Jim holding up his 2×4 defiantly, staring down police as they zero in on him.
Anyone have that pic?  GMAIL city.
A brother of a dear friend of the blog took Charlie on possibly the gayest adventure he's ever been on, the Southern Decadence Festival held every Labor Day Weekend. In fair NOLA, where we lay our scene.

GIF of the day: 

Wiki read: NATO phonetic alphabet


Go Pens.  Go Sid.