LINK CITY: James Neal and Kris Letang Training Vids

Links that hope the Pens have a moment of silence all lined up for Kenny. Cool vids from on James Neal and Kris Letang training for the season.
Neal has been training at the Gary Roberts High Performance Center this summer.

“He’s just a guy who knows the game so well,” Neal said of Roberts, who also trained teammate Jordan Staal this summer. “He knows what the everyday regimen of an NHL player is and he knows what it takes in the summers and during the year. It’s great. He gives us the rest we need, then he pushes us at the pace we need to be pushed at to give us the ability to be strong throughout the whole season.”

Here is the vid:

We also have Kris Letang's workout video, Concussion Watch, and Dustin Byfugljoke


Here is Letang working out:


Neal and Letang are also working on a new revolutionary training:

It is called Hit The Net.  Rossi is on Concussion Watch balls-deep.
A read about local kids who have sustained concussions. [ Trib ]  PSAMP uncovered Lego Crosby.  Dustin Byfuglien was arrested for boating while intoxicated.  Probably because he's so fat.  And here comes the onslaught of "Abolish Fighting in the NHL" articles.  The role of the enforcer is slowly being phased out; there's no question about it.  Enforcers don't even sniff the ice in the playoffs if a coach is smart.  But to totally outlaw fighting?  Will players just slap each other in front of the net until the ref breaks it up?  Fighting won't go away.  And as Big Georges Laraque said recently, eliminating fighting means a ton of players will be out of jobs and depressed.  Alex Ovechkin signed some deal with Nike. in Sensationalist News Story Headlines: Syracuse 15-year-old gets two to six years for 7-cent robbery.  And then you read the article and find out the boy and a friend held someone at gunpoint, albeit with BB guns.  Joke. Wiki read of the day: California Gold Rush

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