LINK CITY: Concussion Watch, Everyone hates Semin

Links that can't believe it is September.
We have to face it. Now that September is here, the word "concussion" is going to be a part of our daily lives. You can count on Link City to be your official Concussion Watch center.  Even A.O. is worried about Crosby. [ Puck Daddy ]

"God willing it won't be true. Right now Crosby is one of the best hockey players in the world. If he leaves, it will be a huge loss for people and for the sport in general. I will be very upset."  In another interview, David Steckel had this to say to the Washington Examiner:

“Yeah, I see the ticker and it’s unfortunate. I had no intention,” Steckel said. “I feel just as bad as anybody because I don’t want to see anybody out of the game for that long. It’s bad enough with everything that’s going around with other guys in the head. It’s just so uncertain and I feel bad and I wish him the best. First and foremost, I wish for anybody’s recovery. But I hope by now he knows I didn’t mean to do it at all. Hopefully he’s ready to go because he’s a tremendous player.”

Dick.  But then again, anyone with a brain can look at the hit and see it wasn't a "blindside cheap shot."

Coming up, some revealing quotes Semin, killer bees, and Matt Cooke… Before weighing on Crosby, David Steckel had some things to say about Matt Bradley's comments aimed at Ovechkin and Semin.


"I don’t really have anything to say on what Brads said except he was spot on. He mentioned [Alex Ovechkin], too, just not on the negative side. So if it was a good article I don’t think we’d be talking about it. But at the same token I think he hit in nail on the head for both guys.”
Caps are a mess Scott Burnside has a pretty depressing article about Marc Savard.  [ ESPN ] Laura standing on the front line in the defense of Matt Cooke. [ Pensburgh ] We saw the article title "NHL affiliation the latest step in Killer Bees comeback" and thought the NHL was somehow how tied to killer bees.  But we were disappointed. Under the radar, almost literally, the Australian Ice Hockey League is a pretty big deal.  We started looking into it after was chirping about it. Interesting read here about the AIHL.  It has grown 35% year over year the past two years.
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